Our company, with using the technology accumulated as a pioneer of metal surface hardening, are producing and providing repair service of Roller Tires and Table Liners for Vertical Crushing Mill, which are indispensable for cement manufacturing.

Our overlay hardening materials are suitable for various kinds of base metals as High chrome casting iron, Ni hard casting iron, Normal casting metal etc., and the parts can get high wear resistance and long life time, which are not expected for normal casting item.
*Overlay hardening materials are selectable responding to the used environment.

Also, the overlay hardening materials used for roller tires and table liners are also applicable for such incidental equipments as pipes and chutes that require wear resistance.

Furthermore, by bringing in the special welding equipment, a table liner can be repaired by overlay on site.

Products lineup

Table Liner
Before Repair After Repair

Roller Tire
Before Repair After Repair

Roller Tire repaired in our factory Table Liner repaired on site


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