1959 Nov. TOKYO HARDFACING, INC. was independently established, by having been span out from the heat-treatment division of YONEKI WORKS JOINT-STOCK COMPANY.
1960 Sep. The first phase facility construction plan at Tokyo Plant was completed.
The second phase expansion plan at Tokyo Plant was completed.
Due to the expanding demands of surface treatment like as Hardfacing, Nitriding, etc. on the machine parts for Petroleum Refinery, Plastic, Iron & Steel, Cement, Shipbuilding, Construction Machinery industries, an integrated manufacturing system including mechanical processing was established.
1964 Jul. A General Sole Agency Contract for Japan of STOODY, the largest maker in U.S.A. of metal surface hardening materials was concluded with TOKYO HARDFACING, INC., where the newest relevant technology being introduced, and set up a large scale nitride furnace as well.
1967 Feb. In Yuki-city, Ibaraki-prefecture, Japan, a welding & mechanical processing plant was constructed.
Integrated manufacturing system from weld overlaying to mechanical processing on rolls started.
1968   By using TIG auto-welding machine, a Stellite overlaying automation system was established.
1971   YUUKI Plant’s the second phase expansion plan was completed.
1979 Feb. A General Sole Agency of CRANE CO.,U.S.A. for Japan was contracted.
Sales activity of Special Valve (Slide Valve) for Petroleum Refinery usage started.
1980 Mar. The manufacturing system of Seat Rings for Valves with the capacity of 100,000 pcs. per a month was established.
1981   YUUKI Plant’s the third phase expansion plan was completed.
1992 Apr.

A General Sole Agency Agreement to represent Enpro System, Inc.,U.S.A. covering Asian territories was contracted, and sales activities of the Slide Valve, Butterfly Valve & Plug Valve used for FCC Units began.
For Vertical Crushing Mill usage, overlay welding technology on the Roller Table Liner was established.
1998 Nov. Our manufactured Rolls for the Hot Strip Mill’s Down Coiler were directly supplied to US STEEL Group, Gary Works in the U.S.A.
2003 Mar. Taiwan Business Office was set up.
2003   Business transactions of the subordinate materials for Super High Voltage Cables began.
2005   As the 4th phase expansion plan to YUUKI Pant, a Precision Parts Manufacturing Shop construction was completed.
2007   The amalgamation of Enpro Systems, Inc. and Tapco International, Inc. having taken place, consequently, TOKYO HARDFACING, INC. contracted as A General Sole Agency Agreement for Japan territory with the TapcoEnpro International, Inc
2007 Apr. A General Sole Agency Agreement to represent DeltaValve, U.S.A. on Unheading Device for Delayed Coker, covering Japan, Korea and Taiwan territories was contracted.
2010 May TOKYO HARDFACING, INC. achieved the very fist introduction of DeltValve’s Unheading Device into Japanese refinery customer.