Along with the expanding demands for Engineering Plastics, many composite additives tend to be included in the recent year’s plastic products, hence, parts only with the conventional Hardfacing treatments such as nitriding, hard-chromium-plating, etc may not withstand severe abrasions or corrosive gases, which occur during mix kneading, and as a result, the productivity is disturbed.

We are in a position to propose counter measures for recovering the production losses, from our long years’ experiences of corrosion-resistance & abrasion-resistances treatments.
With regard to Extruder Machine Parts & incidental equipments for Engineering Plastics with high abrasion-resistance and corrosion-resistance, please feel free to direct your inquiries to our company for the designing, manufacturing and/or repairing services.

Products lineup

Parts for Single & Twin Cylinders/Barrels Extruders

Screw for Single Barrel Extruder, Cylinder for Single Barrel Extruder
Screw Element for Twin Barrel Extruder, Kneading Disc for Twin Barrel Extruder, Twin Barrel/Cyliner
Side Feed Adapter, Side Feed Screw, Breaker Plate
Strand Die, Pipe Die, Heat Channel Die, Core Die
Wear-resistant Lining Cyclone, Wear-resistant Ejector, Wear-resistant Floss-free Pneumatic Conveyor Piping

Screw & Cylinder for Single Extruder Die for Extruder

Screw Shaft for Twin Extruder Air Wiper

Strand Die Twin Barrel

Adaptor for Twin Extruder Element & Kneading Disk for Twin Extruder

Electrical Cable
General Industry