Trading Division, based on the many years accumulated technical knowledge and market knowledge as a manufacturer, is continuously catching update information from Japan and from overseas in order to purchase items which meet to the customer needs and to provide them timely.
We are utilizing the worldwide network, in order to aim to become a company, which can offer the most effective solutions applicable to the various issues of the respective business fields.

Petroleum Refinery

Base upon our plentiful experiences and achievements at the major oil corporations, we supply the various valves contributing for energy-saving, security and cost-saving, and contract at our responsibility from engineering to the after-services.

■Dealing Goods
TapcoEmpro: FCC Slide Valve, Butterfly Valve, Plug Valve, Gate Valve

DeltaValve: Bottom and Top Unheading Device for Delayed Coker, Isolation Valve, Side Feed Spool, Cutting Tool.

Engineering Plastics

We offer supply of the wide range parts line-up for Engineering Plastics Equipments which are our Manufacturing Division’s main products, and advise on the application and usage as an appropriate consultant.

■Dealing Goods
H-ALOY Cylinder, YPT Screw, Screw Cleaning Tool, Cleaning Furnace

Anti-Corrosion, Abrasion-Resistant, Welding Materials

We, as the pioneer of Hardfacing, making good use of expertise knowledge, will select
carefully the most suitable Anti-Corrosive, Abrasion-Resistant, Welding Materials for the various applications respectively from worldwide sources for our customers.

■Dealing Goods
Stellite Welding Material, Stoody Welding Material, Powder for PTA, Triten Abrasion-Resistant-Plate, Ni-based Alloy (Hasteloy, Inconel), Various kinds of Low Alloy Steel (SA387-Gr.5, Gr.9, Gr.11, Gr.22, and other pipe materials), Special Forging Material, Anti-Corrosive & Abrasion-Resistant Centrifugal Casting Parts.

Electric Power, Electric Wire & Cable, Optical Fiber

We, having powerful connections in the electric power, electric wire/cable industry world, are constantly supplying the various subordinate materials for electric wire/cables to the major makers as a result of our steady marketing activities and successful spec-in

■Dealing Goods
Various Materials, Parts & Accessories for Electric Power, Electric Wire /Cable, Optical
Fiber, Water Impervious Aluminum Laminated Tape, Electric Wire Manufacturing Tool.