Are you in a difficulty with machine parts’ being worn out, corroded, eroded, etc.?
Our Engineering Division would like to propose to the customers not only the design of Automatic Weld-laying Machines and the selections of applicable Hardfacing Materials, but also, the design and manufacturing of excellent parts and machines with abrasion-resistance, anti-corrosion, and/or heat-resistance to all kinds of respective applications.
Also, we are developing new base material according to the design specification by the customer requirement.


Please consult us about the analysis of abrasion-resistance and anti-corrosion.
We are providing general consult service including on site investigation and inspection, so that we can contribute to our customers on their attainment of low cost maintenance of the plant by using of the most suitable hardfacing method for their process conditions.


Due to our many years’ accumulated on site works and its actual result achievements,
we are proud to have been favored with customers’ colossal confidence & trust on us.
We are well preparing maintenance system to cope with customers’ needs quickly by comprehending customers’ needs correctly. .
There is no doubt about our perfect after-services on our own products, and also we will be able to offer overhauling &/or repairing service on the products by other companies.