A Message from THI president

TOKYO HARDFACING, INC., since established in 1959, as a pioneer of metal surface hardening, has been persistently contributing to the business fields of Plant Equipments and Industrial Machineries, for which Abrasion-resistance, Corrosion-resistance & Heat-Resistance are required, such as Petroleum Refinery, Iron & Steel making Facilities, Chemical, Plastics, etc. for more than half a century with excellent specialty performances.

Our Company organization consists of ‘a Maker Division’ manufacturing Machinery Parts, ‘a Trading Division’ catching new global information, and ‘an Engineering Division’ making use of specialized high technology & skills, and ‘Composite activities’ by these three divisions is making us a strong company.

On the basis of technology accumulated during the long years, with improvements value being added through the worldwide network activities, we are proceeding to drive for supplying the generated new materials and applications together with our excellent engineering services to our clients.

Under the present constantly shifting environments surrounding the society and the economy, we are in a position to provide our respective clients with exact solutions based on our manufacturing ability, information collecting ability & proposing ability, generated from our company’s ‘3 Division’s composite activities’ policy.

We would continuously keep employing our very best possible efforts in order to become a ‘more useful & convenient company’ to you, and we would ask you all the more for your supports and encouragements.

Yuji Yoshida
President & CEO.