Are you in trouble with Petroleum Refinery Unit’s being abrasive worn out, &/or corroded, or the like?
Particularly, with regard to FCC Units, as the pioneer of wear-resistance counter- measures, we would be able to respond to your requirements for relevant problems resolutions with our technology of weld-overlaying, thermal spraying, wear-resistant lining, in accordance with respective applications.
Also, we shall render our services of designing, manufacturing, repairing of Slide Valves, Butterfly Valves, ESPERO Gate Valves, and of sending relevant supervisors.

Products lineup

Manufacturing and Repairing of Special Valve Parts for FCCU


For the usage under severe reacting circumstance inside FCC Units, with selecting excellent hardening materials for high resistance against Heat, Wear and Corrosion, we are producing parts and providing repair service so that 4 years continuous running is possible.

Products for FCC Unit

Internal Parts for Slide Valve
Disc for Slide Valve (Co base Weld-overlay & Lining for Wear-resistance)
Guide for Slide Valve (Co base Weld-overlay)
Seat Ring for Slide Valve (Co base & Lining for Wear-resistance)
Stem for Slide Valve (Co base Thermal-Spray or Weld-overlay)
Trickle Valve (Co base, WC base, Wear-resistant Lining)
Flapper Plate (Co base, High-Cr base, Wear-resistant Lining)
Field Injector Nozzle (Co base Weld-overlay, TMT-treatment, Cr Carbide Thermal Spray)
MTC Nozzle (Co base Weld-overlay, WC Thermal Spray, Cr Carbide Thermal Spray,TMT-treatment)
Critical Flow Nozzle (Co base Weld-overlay)
Torch Oil Nozzle (Co base Weld-overlay)
Quench Water Nozzle (Co base precise casting)
Liquid Cyclone (Co base Weld-overlay)
Orifice Plate (Co base Weld-overlay)
Wear-resistant Piping for Catalyst Removal Line (Co base Weld-overlay,
High Cr base Weld-overlay)
Catalyst Removal Valve (Co base Weld-overlay)
Stripper Steam Nozzle (WC base Weld-overlay)
Air-grid Nozzle (Co base CIP)
Dip-leg Pipe (Co base)

Slide Valve-Disc Slide Valve-Disc (Hex-Mesh installation)

Slide Valve-Guide Slide Valve-Seat Ring

Slide Valve-Stem Trickle Valve


For Decompression Distillation Equipment
Overhead Piping (Monel 400 Weld-overlay)

Topper Overhead Monel Weld Overlay Pipe  

Electrical Cable
General Industry