General Industry

Tokyo Hardfacing, Inc. aims to improve wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance of all industrial machines.
We procure materials of various steel types, perform hardfacing, and manufacture parts.
In addition, we can provide only hardfacing or spraying service to materials and/or parts supplied by customers.

Products Lineup

Pump casing (Inner side Hardfacing), Wearing, Plunger, Valve Disc, Valve Seat,Seat Ring, Impeller (Overlay welding on blades part), Protection Pipe for Thermal Sensor,
Screw Conveyer (Overlay welding on blades part), Cutter blade for waste grinder etc.

  • PlungersPlungers
  • ImpellerImpeller
  • Seat Rings for Cast Steel ValveSeat Rings for Cast Steel Valve
  • Seat Rings for Forged Steel ValveSeat Rings for Forged Steel Valve

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