Our company have many supply records of various types of rolls, rollers and other hardfacing products to steel works in Japan as well as in overseas. Especially for the products being used under extremely severe environments which require wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance and heat-resistance, we have been and are contributing to the reductions of maintenance costs in prolonging the products’ life time by our originally developed hardfacing materials and skills.

Products Lineup

For Hot Rolling Mill

  • Top Pinch Roll
  • Bottom Pinch Roll
  • Wrapper Roll
  • Leveler Roll
  • Pressure Roll
  • Backup Roll
  • Guide Roll


Other various Rolls including their repair service by overlay welding and thermal spraying.

  • For the use in Down CoilerTop & Bottom Pinch Roll
  • Wrapper RollWrapper Roll
  • Guide RollGuide Roll

High Performance Rolls using Ni-Base Superalloy

We, Tokyo Hardfacing, Inc. are pleased to provide high performance steel mill roll produced by depositing extreme high wear-resistant Ni base Superalloy evenly onto self-developed tough overlay hardening layer by using newly-developed dpecial deposition method.


High Performance Rolls using Ni-Base Superalloy

Materials for Thermal Splay developed by Tokyo Hardfacing, Inc.

Hardening materialChemical compositionHardness (HS)Welding processApplication
THF-WC10 Ni-base alloy + WC 80-85 ± 4 PF Rolls for hot rolling
THF-C6 Co-Cr-W 80 ± 4 PF Rolls for cold rolling
THF-WC31 Co-WC 80 ± 4 PF Sealing material kneading roll
THF-WC27 WC-NlCr 1000 (Hv) HVOF  

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