Tokyo Hardfacing, Inc., since established in 1959, as a pioneer of metal surface hardening, has been persistently contributing to oil refinery, petrochemical, steel mill, cement manufacturing plant etc. We have been seeking to improve abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance & heat resistance for plant equipment and indstrial machinery for more than half a century.


Our organization consists of the following:

-Manufacturing Division which manufactures machinery parts with low environmental load

-Trading Division which provids valued global information and products

-Engineering Division which continues to lead technical innovation


By collaborating the three business divisions, we are targeting to produce the best application by our cutting-edge hardfacing technology and suitable new material.


Under the constantly shifting environments surrounding the society and the economy, we are in a position to offer exact solution to respective customers from our manufacturing capability, multiple sources of information and appropriate best proposals generated from our 3 Division’s Composite Business' policy.


We would continuously keep employing our very best possible efforts in order to become a ‘More useful & Convenient Company’ to you, and we would ask you all the more for your supports and encouragements.

  • Chairman & CEOYuji Yoshida
  • President & COOTakashi Yoshida

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