Electrical Cable

We are producing screws, cylinders and cross heads for extruders used at power cable manuracturing plants. Further, we are dealing with equipment as pay-off stands, take-up stands, and also a full line for manuracturing power cable from first class overseas vendors.

Products Lineup

Screw & Cylinder for Extruder
Cross head Parts (Core tube, Die Retainer, Wedge-ring, Nipple, Die-holder, adapter, Nozzle, etc.).
Breaker Plate, Bare Wire Reforming Roll, Bar Pre-cutter, Guide Roller

  • Screw for ExtruderScrew for Extruder
  • Cylinder for ExtruderCylinder for Extruder
  • Cross Head PartsCross Head Parts
  • Forming RollerForming Roller

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