Oil Refinery

We are offering solutions for corrosion and abrasion of petroleum refining equipment.
In particular, for erosion in fluid catalytic cracking units, we will solve the problem by applying the proper material selection, overlay welding, thermal spraying, and lining construction techniques.
We can also design, manufacture, install, repair, and disassemble and maintain special valves such as slide valves.

Products Lineup

Manufacture and repair of special valves for fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) and their parts


For the usage under severe reacting circumstance inside FCC Units, with selecting excellent hardening materials for high resistance against heat, wear and corrosion, we are producing parts and providing repair service so that long and continuous running is possible.

Products for FCC Unit

  • Internal Parts for Slide Valve
  • Disc for Slide Valve
  • Guide for Slide Valve
  • Orifice Plate for Slide Valve
  • Stem for Slide Valve
  • Trickle Valve
  • Flapper Plate
  • Field Injector
  • MTC Injector
  • Steam Injector
  • Critical Flow Nozzle
  • Torch Oil Nozzle
  • Water Spray Nozzle
  • Liquid Cyclone
  • Orifice Plate
  • Wear-resistant Piping for Catalyst Removal Line
  • Catalyst Removal Valve
  • Stripper Steam Nozzle
  • Air-grid Jet Nozzle
  • Dip-leg Pipe, Thermo meter protection tube
  • Slide ValveSlide Valve
  • Disc for Slide ValveDisc for Slide Valve
  • Guide for Slide ValveGuide for Slide Valve
  • Stem for Slide ValveStem for Slide Valve
  • Trickle ValveTrickle Valve
  • Slide Valve-Disc (HEX Mesh Installation)Slide Valve-Disc
    (HEX Mesh Installation)
  • Slide Valve-Seat RingSlide Valve-Seat Ring
  • Topper Overhead Monel Overlay PipeTopper Overhead Monel
    Overlay Pipe
  • Hydraulic Power UnitHydraulic Power Unit

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