Complex business of three departments

Complex business of three departments

Tokyo Hardfacing, Inc. operates a composit business consisting of three divisions: manufacturing, engineering, and trading.


Manufacturing division that manufactures mechanical parts for abrasion and corrosion resistance, Engineering division that handles the development and design of new hardened materials, parts, and various types of automatic machines, and Trading division that uses the worldwide network to procure products that meet customer needs. We aim to be a convenient and useful company for our customers through collaboration of these 3 divisions.

  • 1.Customer-ism:To cope with customer’s requirements exactly and promptly.
  • 2.Quality-ism:To take pride in providing our qualified items with overcoming difficulties of manufacturing.
  • 3.Innovation-ism:To try new fields continuously, and to accomplish them.

Corporate Mission

Based on funs and difficulties of manufacturing, we realize engineering innovation, and contribute to the society by providing environmental friendly products.

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